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Also available

Micro version available for start-up and micro businesses.

Simplified format for a quick and easy way to write an effective plan with 1 Year Forecasts.

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Business Plan

Easy to use software for UK Companies to write effective business plans

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stepbystep business software is designed by Harcourt Business Systems specifically for UK companies. The proven software prompts and guides users through the business planning process in simple, bite-sized chunks. This business planning software will help small to medium sized UK companies (SMEs) write a successful and effective business plan.

Learn more about the stepbystep business plan software
Find out how to write a comprehensive business plan with simple financial spreadsheets, suitable for presentation to investors, for strategic planning or internal development.

Views from our users
Read what genuine users have said about stepbystep business planning software and how writing a business plan for their own businesses has been made easier. Also see how it has enabled advisers to provide business plan services to their clients.

See a Demo of the stepbystep business plan software
This will show you how your plan might look.

Download the software for your business now
From only £49 + VAT you could be writing a business plan in a matter of minutes by purchasing on-line and downloading the business plan software.

key features

  • Written for UK businesses
  • Simple to use
  • Helps with strategy
  • Easy financial forecasts

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