key features

  • Written for UK businesses
  • Simple to use
  • Helps with strategy
  • Easy financial forecasts

Frequently asked questions on stepbystep business plan software

How many plans can I create on the stepbystep business plan software ?
The product is available either in single plan or multi-plan. You could create 100 separate plans if you want.

How many users can use the stepbystep UK business plan software?
The product is available either in single user form or multi-user form so you can operate it on a network.

Is there an annual licence fee to continue use of the business plan?
No. When you buy the plan, it is a lifetime purchase. The only charges that might occur are for any major updates.

If any updates are made to the plan how will I know about them?
Any changes will be announced on our website and will be announced on the HOME page.

Can the stepbystep business plan be used for any type of business?
Generally speaking, yes. It is a generic product, so some of the guidance prompts may not apply to your business. Unless you have a business with varying rates of VAT, the financial spreadsheets will also suit most UK businesses and growth companies.

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